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Size Chart

SIZES: We understand that not all body types are the same. In order to have consistency to our collection, we design to an industry standard of measurement. We offer select pieces in a regular and large size. We also welcome requests for custom sizing. Please contact us through our website (look to the footer for the "contact us" link) or you may leave us a message on our toll-free number 1-888-481-5999.


We are currently working to provide you with the best graphics for how sizing works i.e. where it falls on the body. Please see our "size chart" page.





A 16" necklace lies around the base of the neck and fits like a choker. Please keep in mind for petites frames, a 16" necklace might hang slightly lower to your collarbones.


A 18" necklace will fall just below the throat at the collarbone. Please keep in mind for plus sizes, this necklace might feel more like a choker.


A 20" necklace will fall a couple inches below the collarbone and allows for a little more movement. This length necklace will complement a low plunging top or deep V necklines. We love to pair our Stacked Pendant Necklace dwith the v-neck tees from American Apparel.




necklace size chart - men (see below)


18" - lies at base of neck for smaller neck sizes or a tighter fit.

20" - lies at collarbone and is the most common length.

24" - lies just above the sternum.

bracelet size chart - women (see below)

To ensure correct size, we recommmend measuring your wrist diameter by using a string. Please add 3/4" to 1" to that measurement to allow for movement and flexibility. This total measurement will be the size you should order.

For example if you have 6" sized wrist + 3/4" - 1" = 7" sized bracelet.

For example if you have 7" sized wrist + 3/4" - 1" = 8" sized bracelet.

For example if you have 8" sized wrist + 3/4" - 1" = 9" sized bracelet.

If you are unsure about your wrist size or would like to know if a bracelet can be ordered in a smaller/larger size. Please email us ("Contact Us" link located in footer) or call via our toll-free number (it is a message service that we check daily). We would be happy to help you select a suitable style and size bracelet that meets your needs.

earring size chart - women (see below)

This image gives you a great visual of where a 2" long earring falls along the neckline.


This image gives you a great visual of where a 3" long earring falls along the neckline.


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