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RnTT is your premier source for unique and handmade fashion jewelry with that Rock Star Flare. “FLARE: a fire or blaze of light used especially to signal, illuminate or attract attention” - merriam webster

RnTT are setting a blaze to the way people think about fashion accessories with their collection of guitar pick jewelry. RnTT was inspired by the very human connection of music and fashion. One Guitarist. One Designer. One Vision = Guitar Pick Jewelry is artistry in motion. This brand has already caught the attention of many. Since their beginning, (March 2010) RnTT can be found online at www.rocknthetrend.com as well as in over 15 retail boutiques across 3 states which includes The Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas.



  • RnTT has been invited to attend such events as the 2013 Academy Awards Gift Suite, 2013 Rock of Ages Musical Media Release Party, 2013 Rock N Roll Roast of Dee Snyder, 2012 Day Time Emmy Awards.
  • RnTT’s jewelry has been featured in the Swag Team section of “Soaps in Depth” ABC Magazines + NBC Magazines(Aug 20, 2012).
  • RnTT can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest. They also publish blogs weekly discussing up and coming events, new jewelry releases, business insight and the creative approach.


RnTT has shown a presence in the band merchandising arena. They have partnered with metal band Y & T to design jewelry for their fan base. You can expect to see and hear more about this brand as it will gain more popularity in the coming years. The company and its followers are striving to get the word out about Rock N The Trend’s revolutionary guitar pick jewelry.

The collection appeals to so many for a multitude of reasons. The designer is trained as an architect (not licensed) and that training is what brings originality to these fantastic pieces. Her inspirations come from patterns and colors found in nature much like her favorite architects. Her style is very unique in that she takes a structural approach to each piece. There is an amazing amount of precision that goes into the correct placement of each hole in the guitar pick. You have to consider balance, symmetry and overall composition. It is quite complex.

She then shows us continued skill with a beautiful eye for the layering of materials like plated metals, guitar picks and crystals all of which compliment and contrast one another. There is a very unusual way in which she plays with the balance of delicate and edgy not only in her designs but also in her choice of materials. Finally, she adds in a quality of materials and craftsmanship with utmost attention to detail bringing these pieces of Rock N Roll Flare to life. This is the essence of the jewelry, why it stands out and why it is gaining much momentum.


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